Is the Road Less Traveled the Right Road for You?

We humans often shy away from dreaming really big. It feels safer to look ahead only to next quarter or next year or perhaps we may be bold enough to stretch our dreams out 5 years. Most people are familiar with the quote from author Lewis Carroll that says If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. Any road may be okay. It will not, however, be anywhere near as satisfying as the road that uses your talents and strengths, aligns with your passions, addresses a need you see in the world and fulfills you. To help my clients focus on this this path, I always begin each engagement with these three questions.

Describe life if it were as good as it could get. Create the vision, even if it sounds crazy. This is not a pass/fail exercise. Instead it is a process of imagining what could be if you drop all of the inhibitions and constraints in your mind and tap into your innate gifts and your heartfelt dreams.

If life were as good as it could get, who would you be?Being” can be defined as the attitudes and emotions that motivate you and support your actions. You may come up with words such as committed, compassionate or unencumbered. Whatever they are, these words describe your “being” as you travel this road to achieving your dreams.

If life were as good as it could get, what would you create? This question is about your impact; a very important question indeed. What is the impact you will make in this exciting world when you are at your very best and doing what you are most passionate about?

These are hard questions. We are not always taught to dream this big or to understand the size of the impact we can make. Therefore, we take any road. I invite YOU to dream big, to know yourself as a person who will make an important difference in your world and to own the incredible impact you will make. When you do, I know your road will be amazing.

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