Want to be seen as an emerging leader?

This is the first in a series for emerging leaders focusing on tactics to manage your career. There is a lot written about emerging leaders these days. In this day and age, we often think immediately about Millennial leaders when we hear the term “emerging leader.” However, I believe that becoming an emerging leader can […]

Jazz, Tension, Conflict And Resolution In The Workplace

Can conflict EVER be constructive? Isn’t it all about disagreement, frustration and lack of alignment? What good can come from that? True, conflict often is these things, but there are ways to manage the emotions that go with conflict. But before we get to the “how,” let’s look at “why” this is an important topic […]

What are the hallmarks of a high performing team?

You know how you can just tell a great team from a not-so-great team? There are certain hallmarks that can tip you off to a well-functioning and high performing team. I have had the privilege of working on teams like this. Here is what I experienced in those teams and more specifically the behaviors, attitudes […]