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Jazz, Tension, Conflict And Resolution In The Workplace

Can conflict EVER be constructive? Isn’t it all about disagreement, frustration and lack of alignment? What good can come from that? True, conflict often is these things, but there are ways to manage the emotions that go with conflict. But before we get to the “how,” let’s look at “why” this is an important topic […]

What’s Possible When You Begin With the End in Mind?

Stephen Covey advises us to “begin with the end in mind.” We know that this mindset is effective when working on a project, plan or other deliverable. It also is a very helpful to have this in mind every time you communicate. What do I want the person with whom I am speaking or working […]

How to Deliver Feedback with Impact

Getting feedback can be tough. Giving it effectively can be even tougher. Instead of saying what we mean with compassion, as feedback givers we often say nothing at all or short change the message, leaving the receiver bewildered. And we all know bewilderment is not much of a motivator. As leaders you are undoubtedly working […]