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What Leads to a Life Fulfilled?

Work is work. You may have a great job, a great boss, and some nice perks. But it is still work. I hear from many leaders, especially those stepping into their first leadership roles, that they are struggling to connect to something meaningful in the workplace. While I believe that it is more satisfying to […]

Connect to find Fulfillment

I was on a call this week and the call was disconnected two different times in the 30 minutes we spoke. Before we hung up, my coaching colleague wondered aloud… “we don’t usually get disconnected on our calls; I wonder what it means?” Of course, it might not mean anything, but I was curious to […]

3 Ingredients for a Successful Workplace

I read a post the other day that got me thinking about the nature of corporate environments. The writer of this article suggested that, as organizations and leaders we need to “create” better people and better employees. I suspect this may have just been a poor word choice, but it inspired me to write about […]