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3 Ingredients for a Successful Workplace

I read a post the other day that got me thinking about the nature of corporate environments. The writer of this article suggested that, as organizations and leaders we need to “create” better people and better employees. I suspect this may have just been a poor word choice, but it inspired me to write about […]

How to Deliver Feedback with Impact

Getting feedback can be tough. Giving it effectively can be even tougher. Instead of saying what we mean with compassion, as feedback givers we often say nothing at all or short change the message, leaving the receiver bewildered. And we all know bewilderment is not much of a motivator. As leaders you are undoubtedly working […]

Do Your Words and Actions Align?

Actions speak louder than words. We are often asked to consider this maxim when what we are DOING is not in line with what we are SAYING. It’s true, your behavior can support or completely undermine the message that your words are conveying. In fact, the tone in which you say something or the vibe […]