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Emerging Leaders – Own Your Job Transition

In my ongoing series for emerging leaders, we’ve discussed three key strategies for getting noticed and growing your leadership and career. If you have not read these articles, you can do so by clicking on the following three links: Emerging Leader, Promotion and Development. In this blog, we’ll focus on what you do once you […]

How to leverage volunteering to grow as a leader

This is my third blog specifically for emerging Millennial leaders who want to grow their career and make a positive impact in their company and beyond.  Check out the first and second blogs here if you missed them! Once you have settled into your new role, it may feel as though you can let your […]

Maximizing Millennials in the Workplace

A good portion of my coaching clients are part of the Millennial generation. They are either newly graduated and seeking their first “real” job, or they are early in their careers and looking to grow. While stereotypes abound about this generation (also known as Gen Y and born in early 80’s through early 2000’s ), based on my […]