Kathleen leverages her long career in human resources and training, her theater and performance background and her desire to make a difference in people’s lives to create highly energized, creative and thought provoking experiences for her audiences. Her topics include both inspiration and concrete tools that can be immediately applied by her listeners.

The following topics can be presented in a 15 – 30 minute speech or in a 60 – 90 minute workshop.

Coach Well to Lead Well

A constant complaint among managers is that they just aren’t sure how to help team members. It may be that they’re looking at coaching all wrong or perhaps they need a paradigm shift when it comes to coaching in the workplace. Through facilitator-led demonstration, group interaction, and practical application, this session introduces a collaborative coaching technique that will transform performance and development conversations and create a more purposeful and engaged workplace.

SHIFT Your Perspective

For anyone who has found themselves stuck in a situation or emotion, this five-step process to SHIFT your perspective provides tools to redefine the way you see things and move you in a more positive direction. Using stories and interaction, Kathleen‘s message can make a positive life-long impact on your outlook and resiliency.

The following topic can be customized to be presented as a 45-90 minute speech or one or two day workshop.

The Recipe of Your Life

Using a food metaphor and infusing her message with concrete examples and actions, Kathleen takes the complexities of a finely prepared meal and translates them to the process of creating your best self. In outlining the recipe of your life, you will learn the steps to defining and blending your talents, values, skills and experiences to becoming your best you.

Engagement – What a Fable Reveals about Creating an Engaged Team

Creatively leveraging the Aesop fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare,” Kathleen presents a tale of two characters to illustrate the impact of engagement in the workplace. Using research and best practices, this session delivers the business case for engagement and tangible practices to create an engaged workforce.

In-Powering People™ – Understanding the Power in Your Strengths

In a highly illustrative session, Kathleen introduces you to the power of your individual strengths through the CoreClarity® model. Depending on the length of the session, you will leave with an understanding of:

  • The science and philosophy of strengths-based leadership
  • The difference between talents and strengths
  • The basics of the core talent themes and how they work together
  • How positive application of strengths in the workplace can drive results and teamwork

The following topic can be customized as a 15 – 30 speech or as a facilitated brainstorm session on a specific project.

The 180 Rule – Brainstorming and Problem Solving Does a 180

The “180 Rule” is a problem-solving and brainstorming methodology that leverages people’s natural tendency to look at why things won’t work. With a process and concrete examples, participants will have everything they need to flip their problem 180 and develop a plan that will work.

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