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What Are The Secrets To Great Leadership?

Leadership training is prevalent in companies today. Whether the training is classroom based, on-the-job or experiential, it tends to focus on the “what” of the job. However, leadership is so much more than learning the skills to perform within the outlined job description. I believe great leadership is, above all, knowing and leading from our true […]

What Are The Keys To Being A Great Leader?

In the third in my series about great leaders, I want to talk about leaders as creators.  Of course, leaders create many things. The bottom line for me is that leaders create connections, opportunities and success. Leaders Create Connections. Leaders understand that leading is about relationships (and I don’t just mean relationships between humans). First, […]

The More Your Know About Yourself – What Makes a Great Leader

This blog is the first in a series on essential traits for leaders. A leader who is not self-aware is a leader whose actual impact is not consistent with his intended impact. Self-awareness is finding a place in our common language to a greater degree than ever before. It can be defined as the “Conscious […]