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Connect to find Fulfillment

I was on a call this week and the call was disconnected two different times in the 30 minutes we spoke. Before we hung up, my coaching colleague wondered aloud… “we don’t usually get disconnected on our calls; I wonder what it means?” Of course, it might not mean anything, but I was curious to […]

Remembering for my Mother – A Story of Love and Alzheimer’s

My grandmother had Alzheimer’s. My mother has Alzheimer’s. When my grandmother was diagnosed in 1977, we had never heard of this disease. Now this crippling disease has become a part of my family’s story. As most readers will know, Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that damages and eventually destroys brain cells, leading to […]

What The “Fool” Teaches Us About Leadership, Communication and Relationships

I have been thinking about the role of “The Fool” in Shakespeare’s plays; not just because I enjoy Shakespeare’s plays (which I do), but how this character applies to my role as a leadership coach. Putting aside some of the burlesque aspects of the Fool’s role in court, the traits of a good Fool can […]