CoreClarity® In-powering Individuals and Teams™ provides a refreshing and effective way to achieve successful individual and team performance. With a focus on understanding and utilizing inherent talents, CoreClarity® can move individuals and teams to a new level of awareness, collaboration and results.

KTG Leadership Solutions offers workshops that deepen participants’ understanding of themselves and their teammates through active participation and application. Participants leave the workshops with:

  • An understanding of the science and philosophy of strengths-based leadership
  • Knowledge of their own talents and how to use them most effectively in the workplace and maximize their careers
  • Knowledge of their teammates’ talents and how to improve teamwork to achieve results with less friction

Additionally, the manager gains knowledge, tools and resources to better align their team members’ talents with projects and roles.

CoreClarity® workshops are helpful for any groups – successful teams who want to take their results to the next level, ineffective teams who need a turn-around, or cross-functional teams that want to improve working relationships – and can be used as part of a larger leadership development program or as a stand-alone programs.

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